Single Stage Air Compressors

It comes with two cylinders or air storage chambers and can be used for spray guns, ratchet wrenches, and air nailers. Its high built quality reduces the generated heat when in use.

Centrifugal Mono-block Pumps

As per IS 9079:2000, this centrifugal mono-block pump comes with class B insulation. It has interchangeable parts and automatically releases air during priming. Coated with corrosion-resistant primer for long-term durability.

Borewell Compressor Pumps

It is a two-horsepower single-cylinder compressor that can work with low voltage. It is ideal for pumping water up to 600ft and has a high load-carrying capacity. These compressors are perfect for household purposes.

Jet Pumps

It is a compact design and comes with stainless steel balanced shaft for batter efficiency. Large bearings for long time durability. This Jet pump is tested as per IS:12225 and the motor as per IS:996.

Mono-block Compressor

Made with the best quality CNC parts, it is a unique design. It is also known as a direct-coupled compressor or coaxial compressor. Perfectly sealed fan blades provide more safety while handling it.

Induction Motor

It is a high energy-saving motor, and it has a dual voltage rating, i.e. 380V/360V at 50HZ. Comes with stabilized parts to reduce its vibrations to the minimum level and is super easy to install.

Two Stage Air Compressors

It is a semi-automatic two-stage compressor that has 110 liters of capacity. When operated provides 7 to 9 Kg/cm2 of air pressure and produces 1HP to 15 HP of power.

Three Phase Vertical Open Well

3.0 HP to 60 HP of power and 16ft to 900ft of head range. 160 LPM to 3600 LPM with Stainless steel frame. It is light weight and easy to install.

Vertical Openwell Pumps

 It is a Light weight submersible and easy to install comes with interchangeable parts. Designed to provide noiseless & vibration for high operating efficiency.

Three Phase Horizontal Openwell

Water head capacity is 50m and maximum discharge is 100 – 500 LPM .Pump volute chamber is designed to give the best possible hydraulic efficiency

Single Phase Horizontal Openwell

Powder coated to make it corrosion resistance and can be installed at the bottom of the walls. Sleeves and thrust bearings designed for longer life and components are CNC made for accuracy

DMS Mono-block Pump

Inbuilt thermal overload protector which provides excellent suction capacity. Flow rate up to 1100 Liters / min. Single shaft ensures permanent & correct alignment and easy to install.

Self Priming Mono-block Pump

Comes with Motor protection to IP44 (available in IP55 upon request), Winding Insulation to class F Standard Voltage: 230V-5OHz single phase 230V/400V-50 Hz three phase.

Borewell V4 Submersible Pumps

Rewindable and comes with water lubricated motor and can lift water up to 360 meters of height. Discharges from 2500 LPH to 21000 LPH

Borewell V6 Submersible Pumps

It is Durable and suitable for lifting water up to 210 meters of height. Discharges up to 60000 LPH and its parts are interchangeable

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